Our Birds

We are proud to be flying birds from the Disney line of White Rock Doves. We purchased our birds from the breeding loft of Mr. Donald Brumfield, retired loft manager of Disney World, Orlando.

Our birds are properly housed, fed a nutritious diet, and are medicated as a preventive measure to promote health. Below are two pictures of our newest release team loft.

Every bird we raise has a pedigree. Future breeding pairs are chosen from the study of pedigrees and the quality of each bird.

Fledgling young birds are trained to return home before being placed on the release team. It takes several months to train the birds to distances of 50+ miles. Our release team birds are banded and carry a microchip which allows each dove to be clocked into the computer system as they return home from events. Pictured below is the microchip band and Benzing dove recovery clocking system.

Our goal is to have every bird released return home.

  • Our birds are not flown in inclement weather or impending inclement weather.
  • Birds must be released after sunrise and three hours prior to sunset.
  • Birds are not liberated inside.
  • Birds are not expected to fly further than they are trained.
  • Birds are not self-released.